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I need to study to become even smarter, no? :’D And, you know, to have an excuse to go to the State archive and be all “yo, I need to check out a few 18th century documents yes plz”. True story.

Oh. Oh, well, when you put it like that, yes yes yes. :3

Oh hey there! All’s fine here, thanks: lots of swimming and laid-back writing/reading/sketching is happening, though I can’t say the same of studying for the next exams. *nervous cough*

Ooooh, have you been posting stuff to your blog? *will go to check* Somehow art has a way of shouldering exams and stuff to the side. <,< hahaha! And pssh, you’re already smart, who needs to study? ;)

Jul 1
ooh! I should be packing too.

Yah? Going somewhere awesome? I love to travel, but packing is totally my least favorite part. :(

Packing keeping anyone away from their tea is a cruel thing, I say! D:

I totally, totally agree! D:

Jun 1

If I met you, I'd beg you to tell me everything you know on the French revolution. Yes, I'm aware this would take forever and ever. That's why I'd bring a lot of tea, cookies and pastries in.

Oh my gosh, French Revolution party!! YES.

Aw, yeah, this would be so fabulous! <333

vfreie replied to your post: Ugghhh
What happens to me every year when the season changes and influenza wanders all around. I feel your pain.

Yeah, this started as the flu last week. D: I hope you don’t get sick!