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Sep 7

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When George Washington became President, in 1789, a king ruled France, a Holy Roman Emperor ruled much of Europe, a czarina ruled Russia, a shogun ruled Japan, and an emperor ruled China. Of these, only the office of President remains.

Isaac Asimov’s Book of Facts, 1979.

Good news, everyone!


Thanks to the hard work of the FBI, big scary threat to national security Megaupload has been taken down, and we can all rest easier tonight!

In other news, I still can’t get married, global warming is slowly starting to spiral out of control, the US continues its indiscriminate slaughters veiled behind the guise of ‘spreading democracy’ or whatever it is they’re saying these days, the reproductive rights of people with uteri are still under attack, aaaaand our economy is still tanked.

But the important thing is that people can’t download episodes of trashy animes and poorly-written sitcoms anymore. Truly, the priorities in this country are outstanding and worthy of admiration.

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Dec 4

As far as I was concerned I always hated the idea of what I felt was being bound down by restrictions that I think I was a rather rebellious first lady at the beginning.

- Eleanor Roosevelt on life as the First Lady of the United States. (via tofeelalive)